Observations on Australia Outsourcing


Over the last 6 months, I have sought to understand the business landscape of Australia and assess its outsourcing opportunities.  I am amazed at the rich potential of outsourcing in this market.  While it’s practical to share go-to market strategies for this topic, I find it more interesting to share a few insights based on my conversations with clients we spoke there on how a partner like SPi Global can truly match and deliver the value for clients in Australia.

  1. Value
    Although often associated with cost benefits (lower wages and workforce flexibility), value should transcend cost and move into differentiation. True value differentiation is about the ability to help transform current process to something that enhances productivity, accelerates processes, or improves customer lifetime value.
  1. Technology
    Providing core services is not enough for the Australia market. Businesses are looking for partners that demonstrate the ability to introduce as well as integrate technology solutions in enhancing the overall customer experience.  Over the years, we have built such capability by providing customized tools including apps, knowledge bases, and data analytics for our clients.
  1. Rise of Social Media
    Social media adoption shows no signs of slowing down. With 14M steady users of Facebook and 4M active users of LinkedIn and Instagram, social is gaining significance as a customer experience channel of choice.  A number of clients we met were impressed about how mature our capability is on this channel.  We have observed an interesting dynamic that the social media is not being mixed with the existing channels such as voice and email. Connected, integrated channels emphasize the customer experience and can significantly impact customer lifetime value.
  1. Key Person Risk
    One important aspect of a successful partnership in the Australia market is the assurance that their business will be taken care of and sponsored at the executive level.  This level of commitment is not always fully regarded by outsourcing providers. Many clients have disclosed that they chose us because they met with our CEO throughout the process. Not just before the sale, we have seen faster and deeper engagement by companies because our CEO establishes touch points and they know he is available to them. Such engagement and clear governance is an important factor in choosing a partner. SPi Global has a program management model that assures proper execution of performance and at the same time, executive sponsorship from the business unit head and the CEO.

Companies that successfully use outsourcing get the balance right among these four points, helping providers understand the business, strategy, product and customers. It is really about value and how we can improve overall customer experience.