Fresh Tips for 2016 to Making Your Customer Support More Personal


When it comes to business, it is always best advised to make it more personal, especially so in customer support such ashelpdesk services. It’s because when you offer support, you make it a point to do it personally to make your clients feel at ease with your service.  This means the customer support staff will have to respond quickly, personally and pro-actively. It may seem to be a complicated form of action for the company but these kinds of actions will truly bring in more loyal customers which will ultimately be very beneficial for your revenues.

How do you make it more personal? Here’s a bonanza of the newest and freshest tips for improving the quality of your customer service and customer experience for your company which are definitely going  to keep you in the lead for the New Year:

Respond immediately!

Even if you don’t have the solution, take the call as quick as possible. When you receive a request for support but you can’t provide a solution right away, talk with a personalized response acknowledging the request and say you’re working on it.  Instead of sending them to auto reply wherein they hear an automated voice spill, they would rather listen to a real human telling them they will indeed fix their problem or answer their inquiry. A quick reply takes 20 seconds to write and  buys you time and your customers’ confidence.

Talk to them like a human being that you are

You’re human and so are your customers; with that being said, you have to remember to level with them and talk to them in the most humane way possible. How do you this? Address your customers by their names, ask how they are and perhaps comment on something outside the issue like the weather in the city, for example. When the customers feel your friendlinessthrough the tone of your voice, they will likely mirror your tone. If you’re being friendly and reasonable, chances are the person on the other line will be too. If you maintain this tone all the time, you will definitely have no trouble retaining your customers.

Personalize your responses

Each person and each interaction is different and unique in its own way, so each customer needs a message tailored especially for them. The very essence of having a more personal interaction with your customers is to create a unique line of communication with them. Don’t save replies to common questions because it defeats the purpose of personalizing your dialogue with them. Instead, always make your response unique for each customer.

Put yourself in their shoes

Think like the customer and be proactive with your responses. When customers ask the most mundane of questions such as, “where do I go to set up a new email?” you have to understand the question and think ahead because another set of questions will be thrown at you as this is a step by step type of question. It is best to stay calm and thoroughly think the necessary answers you need in order for you to not get stuck with the customer for a long time. Put yourself in their position and think if the answers you give will be enough for them, will it be really enough?

It’s the New Year and it’s a great start to whip your organization into shape by incorporating a more personal customer support interaction. This will not only get you more customers, but will also develop a better long-term relationship with your clients. Hopefully, the tips above will help you.